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Reducing Your Trash Production

      On average, U.S. adults produce 1,704 pounds of trash every year. I know I felt guily every time I tossed something plastic in the trash, knowing that item would probably outlive me and many future generations. Recycling through Waste Management is limited in Reno, as they only take hard plastic containers, glass, and paper. This leaves out smaller plastic components of bottles, cosmetic containers, even egg cartons can't be recycled.      Down to Earth Composting     To say I was thrilled to discover Down to Earth Composting would be an understatement. Scotty and I had mulled over the idea of composting for quite a while. We knew we wanted to reduce our food waste going into the trash, but we always fell short on the execution. Our backyard could certainly host the space needed for a composting bin, but we lacked the time to build and properly maintain a compost pile. Either regular composting or with worms, we just didn't have the time to get going and keep going.    

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