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   As part of Yelp Reno's 'YES! to Reno' celebration to commemorate ten years of Yelp elite in Reno, they are putting on many events to showcase local businesses. The first one was 'Home Run Fun at The Hangout in Swift Sportsdome,' and I was lucky enough to go!

    Swift Sportsdome is a state-of-the-art indoor sports facility. In fact, it's the largest indoor sports complex in Nevada. The amount of space they have really is staggering; I highly recommend checking out their website for a complete list of adult and youth sports leagues they provide. Their fields and courts can also be rented out for events or private parties alongside their multiple party rooms. 

    We tested out their brand-new golf and baseball simulators. Unfortunately, it seems like I haven't retained much of the golfing skills I learned in high school. Or maybe I'll blame the clubs for being too long for me 😅. In addition to the simulators, there are indoor batting cages, the only available in Reno. While they don't have an exact opening date, these new facilities will be open by the end of May. 

    As well as the myriad of sports offerings, Swift Sportsdome is home to The Hangout, a bar & kitchen that describes itself as, "Comfort food with a twist." The Hangout's owner explained they were going for elevated bar food, and they were, "...trying to make it unexpected when you walk in here." We sampled a variety of dishes from The Hangout, and I pretty much enjoyed all of them. Here is what we tried:
  • Pretzels - Made locally by Beloved's Bread. I have enjoyed everything I have ever tasted from Beloved's, and this was no different. 
  • Chicharrones - Deep-fried pork rinds with chipotle + guajillo mayo, cilantro, white onion, and scallions. The perfect snack for parents watching their kids' team sports.
  • Pickles - Made locally by Nevada Brining Company. These were really excellent. However, I don't see them on The Hangout's menu as a single item. 
  • Corn Dogs - These surprised me as I usually don't like corn dogs. However, it had a really delightful and sweet crust that I enjoyed. Unfortunately, this is another one I don't see on their menu. 
  • Cheese Pizza - Beloved's Bread also makes the dough for their pizzas! It was good pizza, but nothing mind-blowing I would specifically seek out if I was craving pizza. 
  • KFC Bao - While I really enjoyed the flavors of this bao bun, it was just way too spicy for me, and I ended up not finishing it. 
  • Cheeseburger Slider - These silders were excellent! Which was a surprise to me, because I usually loathe American cheese. However, I do think the price point is a little high. For $16 for three sliders I feel they should have cheddar cheese. 
  • Miso-Chocolate Chip Cookie - A decent but basic chocolate chip cookie. I did not taste any miso elements in it, and for me, it's not worth $5 for a single cookie. 

    I would definitely recommend Swift Sportsdome for adults who are looking for team sports to participate in. I really loved when my friends and I played on a city kickball team, but the weather could be rough sometimes. I think this would also be a great date option to try out the golf or batting simulators then grab dinner at The Hangout!

♡ Haleigh 


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