Local & Small Business Father's Day Gift Guide

My dad & I ❤️

    Looking for a perfect gift for Father's Day? Don't wait until the last minute to order another tie off Amazon, I've got you covered with unique local & small business gifts that your dad is sure to love!

    Before you get a gift, make sure to pick up a card for your dad from The Stylish Scribe!

1. For the dad who enjoys a good drink.

  • The Depot is both a brewery and a distillery, a one-stop-shop for a dad who appreciates both libations! I have gifted a bottles of their Renovation Rye and Biggest Little Bourbon Whiskeys to my dad for Christmas and he enjoyed both.
  • Seven Troughs Distilling is another great distillery in town that I have purchased a Christmas gift for my dad from. That year I picked up their Straight Bourbon, and he loved it!
  • Not only is the mead from Black Rabbit Meads made locally, but they also use Sierra Nevada honey to sweeten all their meads. If your dad is a huge fan of mead, you can gift him a membership to their Rabbit Horn Club. This membership includes exclusive deals on bottles & merchandise and a custom drinking horn that lives at the taproom. 
  • Great Basin Winery has a fantastic selection of wines that are aged right here in Reno. I am particularly fond of their Red Blend.

2. For the dad who has an amazing beard.

  • Pantry Products has a great line-up of shaving and beard care products. I have gifted their beard oil & beard butter multiple times to family members and had requests for more! Search on their website for "shave" and "beard" to see the full line-up of products your dad would love. 
  • Barba Bros has handcrafted beard oil & soaps made right here in Reno! Their products are made with oils specifically selected for their moisturizing properties to help combat the dry desert air. A bonus, they offer free local delivery!
  • To help your dad keep up clean lines on his beard, or for the dad who prefers a clean-shaven look, pick up a sustainable shaving kit or other sustainable beard & shaving products from The Waste Less Shop.

3. For the dad who loves his home state!

4. For sports fan dads.

  • I have gifted multiple jersey wallets from Tokens & Icons, and they are always a hit. In fact, my brother and I gave my dad a new SF Giants wallet for Father's Day this year to replace his old one that was getting worn out. He had carried the previous wallet daily for nearly eight years before it needed replacing, a testament to their quality. In addition to wallets, they carry other fun game-used items such as hockey puck bottle openers or football cufflinks. It's fun to scroll through their website just to see all the cool ways they have repurposed sports memorabilia and given them a second life. 
  • Playbook Products is a brand I actually had on my Christmas wishlist years ago, and Scotty gave me two sets of their awesome leather coasters. Their products depict iconic plays across all of sports on mugs, coasters, bags, phone cases, and more. Truly a great gift for a sports fan who also appreciates a beautiful addition to their bar space. 

5. For the dad who appreciates great food.

  • If your dad has a sweet tooth like mine, he'll love a selection of sweets from Tandem Chocolates! In addition to chocolate bonbons, Tandem carries hot fudge sauce, p√Ęte de fruit, vanilla + salt caramel sauce, and vanilla + salt caramels. 
  • Brother's Barbecue is an excellent spot to stop in and shop around if your dad loves to grill. They stock sauces, rubs, and all sorts of other accoutrements for the perfect BBQ.
  • If your dad loves cooking, you can gift him a class at Nothing To It! Even better, grab a spot for both of you so you can have fun together. Classes include learning about different cultural cuisines, kitchen techniques, and classes focusing on perfecting a specific dish.
    If none of these ideas quite sound like the right fit for your dad, feel free to send me a message on Instagram or drop me a line in my contact form. I'm happy to help you find something locally that your dad will love! 

♡ Haleigh


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