Why I Love Living in Reno

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    If you didn't already know this about me, I was born and raised in Las Vegas. I knew without a doubt growing up that I was going to do everything in my power to absolutely not live in the Neon Capital after I turned 18. I hated the heat, I disliked the size of the city, and I wanted to live somewhere I might actually get to experience different seasons. 

    I knew that I was moving to Reno around the fall of 2016. Scotty hadn't officially asked me to move in or anything, but we set a date a week after my college graduation as our long-distance dating "end date." We just knew we wanted to be together, and that it would be in Reno. 

    Over the next two years, I told family members and friends in Vegas that I was moving to Reno to be with my boyfriend. I almost unanimously was met with a resounding, "Why??" Not because of the guy I was moving to live with, my whole family adores him, but because of our choice of city to live in. When I told them I loved Reno and could see myself living in the city my whole life I was met with even more confusion! Even my mom has admitted that when she was growing up they referred to Reno as the armpit of Nevada. 

    Now that I have lived in Reno for almost four years, I can safely say I much prefer living in Northern Nevada as opposed to living in Southern Nevada. I still get some questions as to why I prefer living in Reno over Las Vegas, or anywhere else for that matter, and I have decided to write them down. 

Freestyle Clothing Exchange, located in MidTown.

1. The variety and copious amount of local businesses.

    It is no secret that I love shopping at all of the local businesses in the area! It has become my favorite facet of life in Reno, discovering and sharing the hidden gems around town. Did you know there is a tiny shop dedicated to selling Italian food located inside Arlington Gardens Mall? The owners, Marco and Lorena, are so lovely and have given us so much advice when it comes to proper pasta and sauce making. I adore getting to know the owners of the shops I frequent & support them as I can. 

    In fact, I have been a bit spoiled by the availability of local shops here in Reno. While traveling in Utah I was excited to visit a small downtown stretch in Logan to see all the cute little stores I was sure would be there, only to find most of the buildings shuttered. When I bemoaned the lost opportunity to my mom she even pointed out that what we have in Midtown and other spots in Reno is a rare thing indeed from what she has seen. Traveling home to Vegas also reminds me of that, as there are local shops to be found, but difficult to find a concentration of them or stores that are extraordinarily unique. 

Scotty & Theo at The Great Italian Festival in 2019.

2. All of the great events!

    One thing my dad has commented on is how much effort Reno puts into having events that locals really enjoy. I've been to the Great Italian Festival, Reno Punk Flea, and Hot August Nights to name a few.  Covid has hampered getting to enjoy many more, but I'm making it a point to wake up early enough for dawn patrol during the next Great Reno Balloon Race. 

    If you live in Vegas and there is an event rolling into town you're most likely to stock up on supplies and stay home as if a hurricane is on its way. I will never forget the job where I had to wipe butt prints off stupid clear plastic chairs because the EDC buses were right next to my work. Even if the events in Vegas are something that locals would brave driving downtown or around the Strip for, many are out of a reasonable price range. It's a bit of a bummer to live in the Entertainment Capital of the World and not be able to enjoy much of anything the city offers. Las Vegas is built for the tourists, not the people living there and working the shows. 

Lake Tahoe in April 2020.

3. How accessible nature is. 

    While Las Vegas has Red Rock and Mount Charleston, which are both wonderful in their own rights, Reno has Tahoe. We're not far from a variety of forest hikes and the stunning views provided by the lake. Every time Scotty and I visit Tahoe we marvel at just how lucky we are to live a mere hour's drive from one of the most picturesque locations on the planet. 

    In fact, Tahoe holds a very special and personal place in our hearts. Scotty and I's first date was driving around the lake back in March of 2016, my first time ever exploring the area. We've driven up to the lake many times to enjoy the fresh air and let Theo run around. In 2020, Scotty proposed on the shore. If we were to ever move I would ache for the ease of taking a short drive to such a wonderful place, something I have never felt for Red Rock or Mount Charleston. 

Photo Credit: Muscle Movers LLC Las Vegas

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♡ Haleigh


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