One Dress, 100 Days

    I have decided to take on the wool& 100 day challenge! I'll be wearing wool&'s long sierra tank dress for 100 days straight. Don't worry, this doesn't mean that I'm not washing it for 100 days!

    Specializing in merino wool garments, wool& is a slow-fashion clothing company focusing on sustainability at its core. If you're unaware, merino wool is simply wool grown by the merino breed of sheep. It is thinner and softer than regular wool, making it much easier to wear than the scratchy wool you might typically think of. 

    Why wool instead of cotton? Wool regulates temperature, insulating your body and keeping you warm in cold weather. Lightweight wool is breathable in warm weather and wicks away moisture to keep you cool, even in humid climates. Wool is also odor resistant, allowing you to wear wool pieces longer between washes, unlike cotton garments. Less washing means prolonging the lifetime and enjoyment of your clothes overall.

    In addition to the great benefits of wool, I love wool& for their sustainable and conscious efforts as a company. I could ramble on about all the great things they do, but I feel it would be easier to read as a list!
  • They source their wool from Australian farmers who follow recognized animal welfare standards and eco-friendly land management. 
  • Their packaging is completely plastic-free and curbside recyclable. 
  • All factories they use for manufacturing are listed on their website, and they ensure all garment workers are being treated fairly and paid a living wage. 
  • They never dispose of any returned clothing. If possible, clothing is sanitized and re-sold. If the item needs to be laundered or is damaged, wool& will clean the garment and save it for future sample or mystery sales. 
  • Their entire clothing launch process is worth a read on its own. If more companies operated like wool&, millions of pounds of garment waste could be kept from landfills. 
    The 100 day challenge began as a promotional marketing piece soon after the company launched. They sent 50 dresses out to 50 individuals and challenged them to wear & love the dress for 100 days straight. Out of those 50, 13 people completed the challenge, and the company received numerous requests on how customers could also join the challenge! Wool & offers a $100 gift card for another dress if you can complete their 100 day challenge to promote their beliefs in sustainability, simplifying routines, and loving what you own. You can read a bit more about the challenge on their website here.

    I want to take on this challenge to task myself with loving what I own in my closet. Throughout working and two degrees, I traded my love of putting together outfits for the expedience of jeans and a t-shirt. I miss the fun of imagining up a style, putting it on to see if it looks as good in real life as in my head, and possibly tweaking it until it's right. 

    Going in hand with this, I have quite a lot of clothes that I never wear. In my efforts to be more sustainable, I'm recognizing that I may not need new clothes to feel good about what I'm wearing or have outfit options. I simply need to learn how to get more wears out of the garments I already own. Styling one dress a 100 days is an enormous task! However, I'm excited to see how creative I can get with it. 

Have you ever done something for 100 days? Let me know in the comments!

♡ Haleigh


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