The Instagram Accounts I Follow to Learn About Sustainability

     When I first dove into sustainable shopping, I was more than a little overwhelmed. There are so many more factors to the products I was purchasing than just nixing plastic! Do the farms that produce the basic materials have sustainable growing and harvesting practices? Is the factory that produces these items paying their workers a living wage and practicing sustainable production methods? Not to mention the issue of when items labeled "biodegradable" and "compostable" are actually neither of those things (a blog post for another day). 

    Thankfully, as with anything you might desire to learn about, the internet has a wealth of resources to help you understand how to weave sustainable choices into your life. These are three of the sources that have helped me grow my knowledge the most:

The Rouge Essentials

    I love Heidi's page due to her straight-forward and oftentimes blunt way of sharing information about sustainability. She doesn't pull punches or mince words when it comes to influencers who post fast fashion hauls or calling out H&M's greenwashing. 

    Due to her frank but educational nature, I have learned a lot about what greenwashing can be, the meaning of sustainability, and other issues in fashion I should be aware of. If you are unfamiliar, greenwashing is when brands use eco buzzwords to create the appearance that their brand is sustainable or eco-friendly in some way. These buzzwords can include sustainable, eco-friendly, biodegradable, compostable, or simply labeling something as "green." If you love fashion and clothes as much as I do and want to make the switch to a sustainable wardrobe, I would highly recommend following Heidi!

Brightly Eco

    Brightly Eco is full of tips and tricks for small to large sustainable swaps. This account is great if you want tips for an overall lifestyle haul, from the pens you use to the cleaning supplies you buy. Not only do they feature great brands all in one space, but they also frequently share interesting news stories with topics revolving around sustainability efforts. 

Curiously Conscious

    Besma's account is another great source for sustainable fashion advice. She regularly talks through her thought process and reasonings with the choices she makes, which helps a ton when you're first learning about sustainable options in fashion. 

    As I dive more into the sustainable side of Instagram, I am sure I will find more fantastic accounts to share with you. If you have any recommendations please drop them in the comments!


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